Students take photographs for Arts Awards

Budding photographers are learning new techniques at Pool School Art Gallery for their Arts Award.

Kelly Thorne, from 4Elementz, is visiting Pool Academy every week to teach children how to take photographs. Last week the students learnt about the basic settings on the camera.

This week they learnt about the rule of thirds, depth of field and leading lines. They were then asked to take photographs with these in mind or choose their favourite photographer to recreate one of their photographs.

Kelly said: “The Arts Award will go towards their GCSE. They are going to learn their own photo style and at the end of the course we are going to go to Heartlands and do a project.

“The photographs will then go in a gallery display in Camborne Library.”

Last term Kelly spoke to art students and explained how selfies were a form of portrait photography. She demonstrated how angles, filters and editing helped to enhance photographs.

Christiana Richardson