Students act to end loneliness

 A group of students travelled to a care home in Scorrier this term to help combat loneliness.

Concerned some older people may not have anyone to chat to students from Pool Academy decided they wanted to step up and help.

Around 12 Year 11s visited residents of Cross Roads House Care where together they played ball games or sat and chatted. They were there for around an hour.

Robert Bond, Deputy Head Boy, said: “It went very well and we got to speak to quite a few of the residents. They got to tell us about what went on in the past. One was a war veteran.

“We also got to play games with them.

“During the visit we had a look around the care home and they had an old telephone box.

“The residents were quite friendly. I spoke to quite a few people. It was definitely worth going there.”

Holly Campbell, Head Girl, said: “It was really good to go and everyone had a different experience. The care home was a really nice place and well thought out. They made it a good environment.

“I think they appreciated us coming.”

Matthew Daddow, Head Boy, said: “It was good. We didn’t know what to expect before we got there but it was a good experience. It was a good start to our loneliness project.”

Holly said they were already coming up with many more plans for their loneliness project.

Christiana Richardson