Successful Laughter yoga sessions expand

Laughter Yoga sessions at Pool Academy are being given extra time after its successful launch.

Rachel Facey, Pool Academy’s SENDCo, began laughter yoga for students in July with a small group of students. It has done so well that it will now be extended out to the whole school.

The sessions originally ran every day from 8.30am for 20 minutes with breathing and sound exercises. It will now be moved to lunch break, at 1.15pm, to allow more time for the workshops.

Mrs Facey said: “It will be an unstructured time and could be a great space for some people who might feel lonely and isolated during lunch break.

“Moving it to 1.15pm gives everyone an opportunity to come and give laughter yoga a go. It will be inclusive and we hope to see even more children come and take part.”

Mrs Facey said laughing, whether forced or real, produces endorphins which makes people feel happier and more positive.

She said the sessions will start with deep breathing and then some clapping and sound exercises.

Peter Ryder, Head of Faculty for English and Modern Foreign Languages, said: “I think it is a great idea to do the sessions in the afternoons. It will allow students to focus on their last hour of learning.”

Mrs Facey spent two days at The Laughter Yoga Centre, in Dawlish, to become a Laughter Yoga Trainer.

Christiana Richardson