Students creatively capture Heartlands through the lens


A group of budding photographers visited Heartlands to creatively capture its scenery.

Nine students from Pool Academy used their iPads and cameras to practise a range of skills they had learnt in their on-going photography course.

Kelly Thorne, from 4Elementz, has been visiting Pool Academy to help the children gain their Arts Award.

She took the group to Heartlands to explore the gardens and museum to hunt for the perfect shot.

Kelly said: “The aim of the project was to get some really good shots for leading lines, depth of field, rule of three, repetition, angles, textures and composition.”


They were all being encouraged to learn their own style.

She hopes to display some of the students’ work at the end of the course at an exhibition in Camborne Library and maybe in the school’s own art gallery.

One student said they enjoyed photography and believed taking photographs was a great way to channel themselves into something positive.

The Arts Award will go towards the students’ GCSE grades.

Previously Kelly came to Pool Academy to speak to art students and explain how selfies are a form of portrait photography. She demonstrated how angles, filters and editing helped to enhance photographs.

Christiana Richardson