Academy kitchen gets a shake up

Students visiting the canteen will soon be given fresh options when the school menu gets a makeover in January.

Chartwells is a company which creates meals for schools, academies, colleges and universities and it will be coming to Pool Academy in January.

As well as creating a whole new menu for students they will also be opening a snack kiosk during snack and lunch times too offering drinks, sandwiches and other items.

The news was announced to members of the Student Leadership Team (SLT) on Thursday last week.

Phil Jones, Head of Academy Services, said: “We have been looking at the way the canteen works. We asked companies around the country to bid to run our catering and the company that won the bid was Chartwells.

“They will be coming in and running our canteen from January.”

He said the company officials have promised to have a look at the menu and listen to some of the requests from students on what to serve up for lunch.

Another change to the way lunchtimes work will be the introduction to a cashless system.

Parents will be given details on how to pay into an account specifically for meals. Students will then ‘pay’ by providing their finger print.

Mr Jones said this would end the worry of people forgetting their lunch money.

After being shown an example menu from Chartwells one student said: “My mouth is watering. I like that menu.”

Another added: “Most of the menu is good.”

Christiana Richardson