Achievement points shop could be open soon

Plans to offer prizes in exchange for achievement points have been welcomed by excited members of the Student Leadership Team.

Jamie Best, Pool Academy teacher, is organising an Achievement Points shop with an array of prizes including books, footballs, gift cards and stationary.

The idea of the shop is that a variety of different gifts can be ‘bought’ by students using their achievement points.  The more expensive the prize the more points a student will have to earn.

Mr Best said: “I am proud to be able to say students will be able to spend their points on things from the Achievement points shop. The more things are worth the more points they’ll need to get to have them.

“This should be happening in the next week or so.”

Mr Best asked students to offer more ideas for what kind of prizes they would like to see in the shop. Ideas included iTunes vouchers and a ‘one time only jump the queue’ card.

Mr Best asked for more ideas to be emailed to him.

Christiana Richardson