Wear odd socks for anti-bullying week

Staff and students are being urged to wear odd socks tomorrow in support of national anti-bullying week this week.


Over the week students have been taking part in activities as part of the national event which wants to promote the theme ‘choose respect’.

Tomorrow students will be asked to deliberately mismatch their socks to highlight the fact children should be allowed to express themselves and celebrate their individuality. They will then make a £1 donation to the Anti-Bullying Alliance. 

During tutor time, until Friday, students will also be learning definitions of bullying and the school’s ‘red button’ - an app installed on iPad to report incidents.

They will also complete surveys offering views on what they think bullying is and how they think it should be dealt with.

Rachel Facey, Pool Academy SENDCo, is keen to promote an anti-bullying environment at the academy.

She said: “Pool Academy has a culture of zero tolerance for any bullying.

“We are very pleased to hear from our students that they are confident that bullying concerns reported through the Red Button system are dealt with quickly and that parents are kept informed.

 “We are using the national anti-bullying week, which is the 12th to 16th November, to reinforce our zero tolerance stance and help our students to feel confident that any unkindness will be dealt with really strongly.

“All of our young people have a right to learn without fear of bullying, and we are 100 percent committed to making this happen.”

Christiana Richardson