Loneliness project grows after praise

Pool Academy’s Head Boy and Head Girl’s loneliness project is growing to include all generations after it was praised by officials recently.

Holly, Year 11, attended the Camborne, Pool, Illogan and Redruth Network Panel Meeting this week to feed back to councillors and other officials about the loneliness project.


She and Head Boy Matthew Daddow have led the school Prefects in activities to help give the older generation a bit of company. This included visiting a care home and planning an art workshop at the Academy’s art gallery.

Holly said: “I gave a presentation on Tuesday night to the meeting with updates about the loneliness project. There were lots of people at the meeting. We had some people offer their help with the project and some asked questions about it. They were very happy with what we are doing and very positive.

“We have some ideas to develop the project further.”

She said they were now working with Mr Hamblin, from Pool Academy, on a Living Together, Learning Together initiative. She said whilst meeting with the older generation it became clear it was not just the older generation but all generations that get lonely. She is now working with Matthew to try and develop their project to include all ages.

She said: “We are going to carry out a student survey to do with loneliness and isolation in our generation.

“We want to start working on the next steps of the project this term and the next.

“We are still enjoying working on this.”

Christiana Richardson