Students break from timetable for extra learning

Students were given a break from their regular timetable to make way for extra learning and fitness classes.


Pool Academy staff held the first PSHE day of the academic year on Friday. It saw students being given a range of tasks to complete which are not usually found on the timetable. There was also a trip organised for Year 8 to visit Cornwall College to help them start thinking about GCSEs and their futures.

In the morning those staying at Pool Academy were set a £20 challenge where they had to dream up ideas to try and double or quadruple their money. The resourceful children created a lot of fun and different ideas.


Kieran, Year 7, had the idea to buy tennis balls and invite people to pay £1 to try and throw them into a net to win a prize - but they would have to do it whilst bouncing on a trampoline.

Another student said her group’s plan was called ‘Seven Ball Ping Pong’.

She said: “There will be cups worth different points and you have to throw the ping pong balls into them.”

Meanwhile another class was taking part in a fitness test which included throwing, jumping and sit ups.

Other fitness sessions included an inter-tutor rounder’s match and learning about the principles of training.


During the afternoon there were team building sessions where students were set a number of team building tasks. One problem solving activity asked for groups to choose from a list of items what they would need if they were stuck on a desert island.

Alastair Durant, Head of Year 8, organised the day.

He said: “We at Pool Academy believe PSHE days are an important part of the school term. It is refreshing to be able to take a day’s break from our regular timetable.

“It was also great to work with Cornwall College to give all students in Year 8 a fantastic day to research different careers on offer to them.”

Christiana Richardson