Odd socks in support of anti-bullying charity

A collection of colourful odd socks was worn by staff and students at Pool Academy on the last day of anti-bullying week.

Mismatched garments were worn in exchange for a £1 donation to the Anti-Bullying Alliance. Teachers, who usually look smart and coordinated, also joined in to show their support.

As well as raising money and awareness for the charity the idea behind the day was to allow children to express themselves and celebrate their individuality.

Rachel Facey, Pool Academy SENDCo, said: "It was great to see so many staff and students arrive at school with odd socks last week in support of the Anti-Bullying Alliance charity.

"It was a fun fundraising idea and we are keen to support the charity again next year with the initiative.

"We at Pool Academy are working to create a culture of zero tolerance towards bullying.

"We spent a lot of time during the national anti-bullying week educating our students on what is bullying and how to try and combat it."

The total money collected is around £30.

The odd sock day was held on the last day of anti-bullying week. The week-long national event was created to promote the theme ‘choose respect’. Over the five days teachers created activities for students to take part in during their tutor times. The school’s ‘red button’ - an app installed on iPad to report incidents – was also promoted. Students also complete surveys offering views on what they think bullying is and how they think it should be dealt with.

Christiana Richardson