Students plan to dress up trees in the school grounds

Students are putting a call out for spare scraps of fabric to help them dress up trees in the school grounds.

Some of many trees in Pool Academy Grounds.

Some of many trees in Pool Academy Grounds.

They plan to decorate the wooded area in Pool Academy’s grounds as part of the Woodland Trust’s Tree Dressing Challenge.

Its hoped if they can gather enough scraps of material, wool and ribbons they’ll be able to make the area look bright and colourful.

The idea originates from world customs which celebrate people’s love of trees and the traditional Tree Dressing Day is said to take place over the first weekend of December.

But students don’t have enough material to decorate the trees to their desired standard and so are calling on parents and members of the community to help them collect more.

Katherine Francis, from Pool Academy, said the challenge is an activity which will go towards the students’ bronze Green Tree Awards.

She said: “We would really love to take part in this challenge. It would be a lovely thing to do and I know the students really want to get involved.

"If anyone has any scraps of fabric, wool or ribbon then please could they donate them so we can make the trees really special.”

The Woodland Trust wrote on its website that the activity is a way to treasure our trees. It suggested people could decorate the trees with a number of items including creating poems to hang on the trees or making woodland creatures from natural materials.

Those taking part in the challenge will be given two points for their school if they send in a photograph of their handiwork afterwards.

The points go towards the Green Tree Schools Award.

Christiana Richardson