College taster spurs student’s veterinary dreams

A Pool Academy student’s passion to become a vet has been boosted after a visit to Duchy Rosewarne.

Charlotte holding a snake

Charlotte holding a snake

Charlotte Smitham, from Year 8, has always dreamed of becoming a vet but wants it even more than ever now after visiting animals at the Cornwall College campus.

She, along with some of her class mates, was invited to a taster day recently where she was able to handle small animals - including a snake.

She said: “We went to see the animals and learn about how they feed them and what happens if you want to become an animal handler.

“I was able to pick up a snake. I also saw a Bearded Dragon.

“They showed us some Sugar Gliders which are like little bats but cuter. They are like mice with wings. We weren’t allowed to touch these though as they didn’t want to come out of their sleeping place.

“They also had a python.

“I found it a really interesting day. I want to be a vet when I am older and I think I am probably going to go to Duchy Rosewarne. They let you hold the animals there so I would definitely like to study there. It has really encouraged me to become a vet and I hope I get to go to another open day again soon.”

During the morning the students were also given a tour of the greenhouses and learnt about some of the plants. They were invited to have a go with a selection of controls on the digger.


 Yasmin England, from Pool Academy, accompanied the students to the Cornwall College site.

She said: “All of the students we took to the Duchy Rosewarne site were all incredibly behaved and really engaged in the activities. They were a real credit to the school.”

Christiana Richardson