Volcano models wow teachers

Creative students have been wowing their teachers with top volcano models – including some made of cake.

A Year 8 competition searching for the best model of a volcano has unearthed a number of creative designs.

Erin Haakanson.JPG

Issy made hers using newspaper and paint with LED lighting to illustrate the hot lava.

Maddie and Tasha made theirs out of a three layered chocolate cake which they carved into the shape of a volcano.

Another student also used cake but layered chocolate and plain sponges to illustrate the cross section of the volcano. The pink flowing lava was created out of marshmallow.

Arwen got out her sewing needle and thread to stitch together coloured felts to make her model. Others used papier mache and paints. One student took ash from his fireplace at home to give his a more realistic look.

Isacc Broadbridge.JPG

Some of the models took the students up to five days of work to complete.

Issy Edwards.JPG

All those who entered the school competition are now in with a chance to win the top prize of sweets and achievement points.

Kirstie Conway Baker, Geography teacher at Pool Academy, said: “I was really impressed with some of the interesting models this year, using a range of different materials.

“Some had the added bonus of being very yummy.”
The winner of the competition will be announced on Friday (NOV30).

Christiana Richardson