Healthcare professional speaks to students

A healthcare official visited Pool Academy recently to inspire students to study with them after their GCSEs.

Finlee Rowe, Pre-employment Programme Lead with Dynamo Healthcare, visited last week to give people a glimpse of their education programme.

He spent an hour in EN5 with 20 members of Year 10 who all wanted to become involved with health or social care when they leave school.

Mr Rowe explained about the way they offer training at their centre in Pool and discussed the different careers available in his company’s field

Students were also encouraged to take part in some practical activities including learning how to carry out CPR on a special training dummy.

Yasmin England, from Pool Academy, said: “They were told they had the option of training with Dynamo Healthcare instead of going to college.

“They were told about the way they carry out both classroom based learning and practical learning.

“I think the students who took part all wanted to work in the health care area after the session.

“It was definitely worthwhile.”

Christiana Richardson