Pool Academy accepted to run a Cadet contingent

An application for Pool Academy to set up and run their own Cadet unit has been given the nod by the Ministry of Defence and the Department of Education.

The school has been given permission to start an MOD sponsored Army Section Detachment of the Combined Cadet Force. 

Mr Ferguson, Pastoral Support at Pool Academy

Mr Ferguson, Pastoral Support at Pool Academy

Once up and running the club will allow students aged between 12 years and 18 years old to carry out challenging activities in a safe environment using the values and standards of the Armed forces.

A letter to Pool Academy congratulating its staff on the successful application read: “Cadet units within schools provide a unique range of activities and opportunities for personal development, for pupils and staff alike. Cadets have the opportunity to develop self-discipline and improve their social, problem solving, teamwork and leadership skills. Cadet units in schools also play a major role bringing benefits not only to cadets themselves but also to the wide ethos and performance of the schools in which they parade.”

Training for adult Instructors will start in January and April with a view to the Detachment officially opening in September 2019.

Simon Ferguson, Pastoral Support at the academy, said: “I am excited the school was successful in our application to the Cadet expansion programme. I am looking forward to the opportunities it will offer for the students.”

He said the academy will receive funding to help support the Academy's Cadet and will allow it to employ a School Staff Instructor a day and a half a week for admin and planning purposes.

He added staff will be able to go on adventure training at the Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training in Wales to learn to teach kayaking, abseiling, rock climbing, mountain biking, etc.

 Claire Meakin, Pool Academy Principal, said: “This is a brilliant achievement. These are very exciting times for Pool Academy.”

Christiana Richardson