Students given a clear message about online safety

Students have taken part in a special workshop to learn about online safety and healthy relationships.

Tracey Nicholson and Tracy Pinsent, Healthy Relationship Facilitators from the charity Clear, arrived at Pool Academy this week.

clear (1).JPG

They held two sessions for groups of Year 7s on the topics of keeping safe online, communication, online settings, bullying, weirdos online and sexting.

The two women first told students they had to respect themselves so they would know how to respect others and how others should respect them. They also spoke about confidentiality.

The rest of the workshop was interactive to keep people engaged.

Tracey said: “We talked to the children about online relationships and texting. We are raising awareness so they realise they can be vulnerable online as there are creeps and haters out there.

“Quite a few from the workshops did not know about safety settings online or how to put them on. A lot of parents don’t know this either.

“Our workshop was about promoting healthy relationships.

“I think teenagers have it way harder than we did when we were teenagers. That is why we go into secondary schools all over Cornwall.”

Chris Jadav, Year 7 tutor, said: “There was a lot of energy in the room during the workshop and the students all seemed engaged.”

Christiana Richardson