Students view WW1 life thanks to film screening  

Students were given the chance to learn what life was like in World War One thanks to a special film screening at Pool Academy.

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Members of Year 8 were taken to the school hall to watch the near hour-long edited version of Peter Jackson’s ‘They will not grow old’ recently.

The film shows soldiers speaking about what life was like on the front line.

Teachers at Pool Academy decided to screen it because Year 8s are studying World War One and are currently carrying out homework about the trenches.

Mark Turner, teacher at Pool Academy, said: “It is particularly relevant in the centenary year of the ending of WW1 but also as they are currently studying trench warfare in their lessons.”

Jenny Smith, teacher, added: “It is the 100 years centenary and we wanted students to be able to experience what it would have been like for soldiers and what their views were.

“The film was made available for educational viewings by Peter Jackson.

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“The students enjoyed watching.”

Maisy Kellow said: “The footage recounted the horrific world changing events of World War One and in all honesty it got me on the brink of tears.

“It’s amazing how our soldiers stood up for our country risking their health and lives getting critical injuries and diseases and went through the traumatic experiences for our country.”

Isaac Broadbridge said: “You can really sympathise with the soldiers and know exactly what it was like. Everyone should see this film.”

Naomi said: “I found the movie actually very interesting. I think everyone should watch it at least once.

“People literally risked their lives so we could live ours like it is today.”

Christiana Richardson