Head pledges his experience to help Pool Academy

Robert Adams, Head of Pennoweth School, has pledged to help Pool Academy boost its engagement with students’ parents.

Mr Adams has been head teacher at the primary school since 2012 but has also taught in a number of different places including Hong Kong.

He heard about Pool Academy’s recent community planning session evening and decided to pledge an offer of help and experience.

He said he could share the knowledge his staff had learnt about engaging with pupils’ parents and carers. Examples being where his school holds assemblies for parents to attend so they can see what their children are doing. This also gives them an opportunity to show parents ways of helping their children to learn.

Mr Adams said the school also updates its website, approximately twice a week, for parents to see how their children are learning.

He said: “We want to help parents understand the curriculum and support them at home.

“We have open sessions and open mornings for the parents to come in and take part in a series of tasks with their children. In Maths they get to solve the problems together.

“We can work closely with Claire Meakin, Pool Academy’s Principal, and share the particular lessons we have learnt.”

Christiana Richardson