Students get a taste of Marines life

Students were invited to try out a taster of what life is like in the Marines as they were put through their paces recently.

A group of Year 10s spent three hours with three members of the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines in Lympstone.

marines (2).JPG

The children were first given a talk about what it is like to work with the organisation, pay scales and hours they would be excepted to work if they signed up. The students then changed into their PE kits to take part in some practical exercises.

They were required to take part in team work games. One saw them walking across wooden planks for a distance without touching the floor. Another saw them using ropes and a ladder to try and lift heavy weights.

Yasmin England, from Pool Academy, said: “The students took part in a lecture for the first half of the session and then they went outside afterwards to do some leadership and practical exercises.

“They said they enjoyed it and they kept laughing when they tried to complete the physical tasks.

“The students were a real credit to the school.

“It was a real insight into some of the things that the Marines get up to.

“It was also a great opportunity for students to learn what is out there for them after they complete their GCSEs.

“Some of the group may choose to do something like this for their work experience week next year.

“One of the students taking part said they wanted to be a pilot and two others would like to join the Marines when they are old enough.”

Christiana Richardson