Students make poppies for Truro cathedral

Pool Academy students have been creating poppies for Truro cathedral’s Remembrance Day service.


Officials at the city’s landmark put a call out to the county for help to create thousands of the well-known red flower.

On Sunday, November 11, at 10.30am they plan to drop thousands of the paper poppies from the central tower during the service. It’s hoped each poppy will mark lives lost during the First World War.

Pool Academy staff decided they wanted to help join in. They downloaded a template from the website and students spent time cutting them out and writing messages on them.

They were posted off last week to get to the Cathedral in time for the service at the end of this week.

Natalie Ellis, art teacher at Pool Academy said: “Remembrance day is a very important date in the calendar and we wanted to help our city’s cathedral in their ‘A message for Peace’ project.

“It was lovely to see the students get involved and some of the messages written on the poppies were quite heart-warming.”

One of the many messages written by the students read ‘Thank you for giving us Peace’, another read ‘I am thankful for the people in the war’ and another just read ‘thank you’.

Claire Meakin, Pool Academy Principal, said: “It is so lovely to see our students getting involved with community events, especially ones as important as this.”

Christiana Richardson