Christmas films to get people into the spirit

A teacher who is feeling festive is hosting a range of film screenings to help students get into the Christmas spirit.

Charlie Palmer-Round is hosting the screenings in the school gym over the lunch break. It is a space for students to come and sit quietly, eat their lunch and watch a film.

The first film shown was The Santa Claus and a number of others are also being lined up for the next few weeks until the end of term.

Mrs Palmer-Round said: “The students are enjoying it. They like relaxing, eating their lunch and chilling with their friends watching a movie.

“I started off the screenings on Monday with just the Year 7 and 8s. Then yesterday I had Year 7, 8 and Year 11. 

“There will be films every lunchtime and I believe this may be the first year that this has been done.

“We decided to start this to help foster more Christmas feeling.  It also helps to keep the students entertained when they can't be outside in the rain.  

“The plus side is I'm a big kid and love Christmas so it is great to have any excuse to watch a Christmas movie.”


Christiana Richardson