Kind-heart students collect food

Kind-hearted students from Pool Academy have started a Christmas foodbank collection at school.


Teacher Kirstie Conway-Baker and her Year 9 tutor group contacted CPR Foodbank to set up a box in the school’s reception.

People are being urged to donate items until the end of term when it will be taken to the store ready to be handed out to those in need.

This is the second year the students and staff have worked to help others at Christmas with a collection point.

Miss Conway-Baker said: “Recently CPR Foodbank had its busiest ever week serving 3,500 meals. I think it is really important that we give everyone a chance to have a happy Christmas.

“This is a small gesture to a very worthy cause.

“Last year we had a collection in reception and I took four bin bags full to some very thankful volunteers.

“I would really like to repeat that success again.

“The box will be in reception again this year and any donations are welcome but especially tinned/long life foods.”

Student Abbie said: “It is important for people to donate, especially at this time of year because then people can get food for Christmas.”

Lara said: “I hope all my friends and other students do donate as many items as possible.”

Foodbanks like to provide a package to those in need that will help provide three days’ worth of nutritionally balanced meals.

Items often asked for at a foodbank include pasta, lentils, beans, pulses, tinned meat, tins of soup and tinned vegetables.

Christiana Richardson