Space dome adventures

A large space dome was inflated inside Pool Academy’s school gym to help illustrate the vastness of the night’s sky.


Students and primary school pupils were invited to step inside the large inflatable which acted as a big screen for three dimensional, 360 projections.

It showed spectators amazing footage of stars in the night sky so they could learn about history and constellations.

Simon Ould, a science teacher and Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, was the visiting presenter who spoke about atoms, the stars and life.

He said the dome could fit around 70 people inside.


Ali Durant, Head of Year 8, arranged the dome visits which took place on Tuesday December 4th and Wednesday December 5th.

Pupils arrived at Pool Academy from Treloweth, Rosemellin and Illogan primary schools to take part as well as a select group of students from Pool Academy.

Mr Durant said: “The students were amazed with their experience in the 3D space dome which took their learning to a new level.

“The 3D production was interactive and allowed students to take in how big space is and what is out there.”

Staff were also invited to go inside to see the night’s sky during their lunch break between school sessions.

Christiana Richardson