A group of sport stars rewarded with spinning

A group of students have been named Autumn’s sports stars and awarded a treat of a trip to a near-by gym.

Two people from each year group were selected as Star PE students for the Autumn term for their efforts during PE lessons and extra-curricular activities outside of school.


Sharon Bright, teacher at Pool Academy, drove the group to Bornefit on Monday to take part in interactive cycling.

She said it was a lot of fun and the students enjoyed the experience.

She said: “We chose a group from PE this term which has made a brilliant effort in lessons and extra-curricular activities.

 “The students who were awarded the trip were the ones who are always trying hard and doing their very best.

“They went to interactive cycling class at Bornefit.

“We will be choosing a group of students each term and will reward them for their efforts.”

Emily Cromey, Head of Faculty for Art, Music, Drama and PE, said: “We are really proud of all the efforts these students have put into their PE lessons as well as doing extra activities outside of school.

"The students really deserved a treat and I look forward to hearing which students have put in top efforts for the next award."

Christiana Richardson