Home grown vegetable soup


A ‘huge’ butternut squash grown in the grounds of Pool Academy has been transformed into a warming winter meal.

A group of students from the school picked the vegetable last week and added it to sweet potato, spinach and chicken to make a warming curry.

Katherine Francis, from Pool Academy, said: “They all thought it was amazing. We even had teachers coming into the room to try it as the smell was so enticing.


“Mr Hamblin ate a lot of it.

“I am really proud of them for making the curry and it was delicious.”

Earlier this term the students picked some items from the grounds for their tomato and vegetable soup which also included beans, peppers, courgettes and herbs.

Creating the soup from their own vegetables was part of level four of the Royal Horticultural Society School gardening award.

Every time the students complete a level they are given a certificate.

Christiana Richardson