Pool Academy’s new canteen launch night a success

Pool Academy’s new canteen launch night was heralded a success after parents were invited to learn more about next year’s menus.

Chartwells, the school’s new catering providers, will start on the first day of term in January and the company’s officials are looking at the menu and listening to people’s suggestions.

Parents and community members were invited to the launch last week, December 11, to get a taster of the new menu, learn about the new break and lunchtime services and ask questions.

They heard that as well as providing main meals Chartwells officials plan to open a snack kiosk during snack and lunch times too offering drinks, sandwiches and other items.

They were also informed about the new cashless system being put in place for students to get their meals. Instead of bringing money to school they will just need to use their fingerprints which are connected to an online account that parents can pay into.

Phil Jones, Head of Academy Services, said this would end the worry of people forgetting their lunch money.

He added: “It was great to see so many people at the launch of the new canteen provision.

“It was a successful evening showing parents what our students can expect from January.”

Christiana Richardson