Students grill vicars on RE day

Students were invited to ‘grill a vicar’ during a special RE day at Pool Academy this week.


Year 9s took part in a number of activities based around the subject of religion on Monday. The day was led by the school’s chaplains and included a visit to a nearby church and sessions run by visitors from the Christian community.


Those who visited nearby Trevenson Church were given a worksheet to complete which encouraged them to look around the building to find out what is inside.

Jack Daniel, a Pool Academy student, said: “We learnt where everything is in a church and had some questions to answer including; ‘why is the bible important to Christians?’.

“I did find it interesting. I have been in a church before as my Nan goes and I used to go with her.”

Back at school students took part in a number of sessions including ‘grill a vicar’, science and the bible and ‘faith testimony’. It gave them the chance to ask any questions they might have about Christianity. 

RE day.JPG

When talking to a church leader they asked ‘why did you become a pastor?’, ‘do you live next to the church?’, etc.

Lisette Neesham, Vice Principal, said: “I would like to say a massive thank you to the Christian community for all their efforts and for giving up their time for us on the day.

“It was really enriching for our students to be able to speak to the church community and ask questions in a warm and friendly environment.”

Christiana Richardson