Students praised for BMX efforts

Pool Academy students were praised for their efforts after taking part in a BMX tester sessions.

They visited Cornwall BMX Racing Club earlier this month to ride bikes on the track along with children from other schools.


The club runs school tester sessions with British Cycling for people in the area. This month was the second time a group from Pool Academy attended.

Rob Mills from the track at Blackwater, said the students all showed enthusiasm and gave ‘110 percent’.

He said: “Two of the group are really talented another two are good riders.

“The effort made was outstanding.

“These guys listened, paid attention and went on the track and improved. They all supported each other whatever their ability.

“Pool Academy students were among the best group of kids I’ve seen at the track this year.

“Every one of the seven students that attended had very differing abilities but each did an excellent job and gave 110 percent.

“The guys were great and deserve to be rewarded for their efforts.”

Claire Meakin, Pool Academy Principal, said: “It is so wonderful to hear such positive feedback about our students. I am incredibly proud of each and every one of our students and love to hear how well they do in all areas of their lives.”

The BMX racing track is the only one in the country run totally by volunteers.

Christiana Richardson