Students take part in relationship workshop

A group of students were invited to take part in a workshop about relationships and the internet.

Tracey Nicholson and Tracy Pinsent, Healthy Relationship Facilitators from the charity Clear, visited Pool Academy again this week.

This time they were tackling the issues of pornography, body image, relationships and self-esteem.

Tracey told the group that in an age of the internet, blogging, social media and reality television she knew it must be hard for students. She said these things could have a ‘massive impact’ on relationships, confidence and self-esteem.

The students were encouraged to sit in groups and express their thoughts on the topics which had a potential to create a ‘negative impact’ on relationships.

The two women from Clear had visited the school earlier in the term to talk to groups of Year 7s on the topics of keeping safe online, communication, online settings, bullying, weirdos online and sexting.

They told students they had to respect themselves so they would know how to respect others and how others should respect them. They also spoke about confidentiality.

Christiana Richardson