Students travel to London for History trip

A group of students travelled to London this term for a History trip to learn about Jack the Ripper and the Holocaust.

The group of Year 11s visited the capital city for two days as part of the Crime and Punishment section of their GCSE History.

The first activity during the trip was to take part in a workshop at the National Archives where they were able to view some of the original documents from the Jack the Ripper case.

They then visited Whitechapel where they were given a night time tour and told about the problems there were policing the area during the time of the Ripper case.

The next day students went to the Imperial War Museum to view the Holocaust exhibition as well as the other exhibitions on display there that day.

After having lunch at Covent Gardens they had a bit of time shopping before returning back to Cornwall.

Mark Turner, History teacher at Pool Academy, said: β€œThe students really enjoyed their time in London and learnt a lot. The trip helped to cover the topics they need to know for the Crime and Punishment section of their History GCSE. Seeing the documents at the National Archives was a real experience and they found it really interesting walking around Whitechapel.”

Christiana Richardson