Karate success

A Pool Academy student is celebrating success after being awarded a new grading after only a year and a half of starting Karate.


Daniel Hawken, Year 7, was given his Grade 7 in Karate after taking part in examinations at Bodmin this weekend.

He was also given a medal for being the best grader despite attending the exam after a month and a half off due to injury.

Daniel said he had to perform a number or kicks and exercises in front of three examiners.

He said: “The grading process took quite a while. I am now five away from my black belt. I hope to try and get my next grade next month.

 “I also got a medal for being the best grader. It was a bronze medal. My teacher was pleased with me and my parents were proud too.

“I have been doing Karate for a year and a half. I like doing it and it helps to keep me fit. I take part with the Byrne Black Belt Academy.

Christiana Richardson