Mystery cat name discovered after owners located

A mystery cat has been turning up to take naps at Pool Academy for a number of years but finally its owners have been found.

The feline has been visiting the IT department, reception and helping students during art classes too – but nobody knew her name.

Pebbles in the art room

Pebbles in the art room

Keren Hughes, from Pool Academy’s art department, said it has been visiting for many years now and she was concerned whether it had a home elsewhere. For months she carried out investigations until she managed to track down its owners.

They were interested to hear about their pet’s adventures at the school and revealed Pool Academy was just one of many places she frequented.

The owners said their cat, called Pebbles, has also made its home with a nearby family and visits Pool Innovation Centre.

Keren said: “It is unusual for a female cat to be wondering around but she has been coming here for years.

“The children had lots of questions about her and I wanted to find the owners to make sure she had a home to go to.

“They told me Pebbles was born on August 29th, 2012, and moved to its new home, from Penzance, to one in Pool, on November 29, 2012.

“They said she used to go to Pool Innovation Centre where she would stand in front of the automatic doors to make them open and shut.”

Pebbles on her way home

Pebbles on her way home

The owners told Keren Pebbles loves company which is why she roams the area looking for people to be with.

“They couldn’t bear to lock her in the house so she would walk out the cat flap,” Keren explained.

"It was a joy to meet the owners and complete the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle, to find out her name and her age.

“Pebbles is a sweet natured, lovely cat and the students work with her during art therapy sessions. I find she brings calm to them. 

“I do hope she continues to visit us. "

Keren added she enjoys seeing Pebbles and believes she’ll be back again soon.

Christiana Richardson