Bake sale to boost prom coffers

Pool Academy students will be putting on their aprons again to bake an array of sweet treats to help boost prom coffers.

They plan to cook up scores of cakes, brownies and muffins to sell in classrooms during school break and lunch time on Friday, February 9.

The last time they held the event cakes were sold for 20p or 50p each to teachers and children and £130 was raised.

The sale was organised to raise funds for a professional photographer and a photo booth at the prom.

Head Girl with some of the cakes on sale at the bake sale last term.

Head Girl with some of the cakes on sale at the bake sale last term.

Kirstie Conway-Baker, Geography teacher, said: “Prom planning is going great and we are going to be hosting another cake sale soon.”

It is hoped students will donate cakes for the next sale in a bid to raise even more money than last time.

This year the Year 11 prom will be held at Tregenna Castle Hotel, St Ives, on Thursday July 5.

Students will be given a three course meal and then there will be a disco.  The dress code for the evening is formal.  

A photo booth will be provided during the evening which will take unlimited photos.

Students are being offered a place on a bus which will travel to and from the prom.

The evening is organised each year for students to celebrate the end of school and say goodbye to friends and teachers.

Christiana Richardson