Plastic art to encourage recycling

Pool Academy students hope to transform unwanted plastic waste into art pieces to help bolster GCSE portfolios.

Kate Forster with a bag made using plastic fusion techniques.

Kate Forster with a bag made using plastic fusion techniques.

Kate Forster, from the Art department, is keen to get children interested in alternative ways of recycling with Plastic Fusion workshops.

The idea is to turn the household waste, such as carrier bags and fruit nets, into creatively designed book covers, wallets and more.

The technique will see students placing different shapes, made of different coloured plastics, between two sheets of grease proof paper. This is then ironed to make art pieces. The multi-coloured designs can be layered or used for screen printing.

Ms Forster said: “The plastic can be made into anything from iPod covers to phone covers and book covers.

“The GCSE students have got plastics as their theme for the exams.

“Plastic fusion is about recycling.  Using the plastic in this way is amazing and it can help teach students about recycling.

“It doesn’t really take that long to make either.”

Ms Forster hopes to run a workshops in half term holidays for the students. She is calling for people to donate their unwanted plastics to the school ready for the sessions.

She said: “Please could you collect plastic bags from shops and wrappers from around food like bread, baked beans - especially the outer wrappers of Heinz Baked Beans.”

It is hoped parents, students and the wider community would donate the plastic items in to the school’s main reception in time for the plastic fusion workshops.

Christiana Richardson