Pool Academy student praised for ‘improving the lives of villagers’ in Ecuador

A Pool Academy student has been praised for ‘improving the lives of villagers’ after returning from a trip to Ecuador and Galapagos.

Callum Thrussell, who left Pool Academy last year, travelled to South America over the summer holidays, in 2017, with the Camps International Group to help people.

Mr McKenzie and   Mrs Neesham, Pool Academy teachers, presented with a certificate for the school from Camps International.

Mr McKenzie and Mrs Neesham, Pool Academy teachers, presented with a certificate for the school from Camps International.

This term Mrs Neesham and Mr McKenzie, Pool Academy teachers, were presented with a certificate for the school from Camps International in thanks to Callum's efforts in the expedition.

Callum was the only student from Pool Academy taking part in the project so joined a party from Truro. Together they helped by mixing cement, plastering and painting school facilities and joined in with environmental projects.

Callum raised a considerable sum of money by himself in order to finance the trip.

Mr McKenzie said: “We were presented with the certificate for Pool Academy in thanks to Callum’s involvement in the expedition which included voluntary project work to benefit the local communities visit.

“Camps International will now offer Year 9, 10 and 11 students a similar opportunity to Callum when its representatives take assemblies at Pool Academy in the week after February half term.”

Julie Lax, Schools Support Coordinator for Camps International group said students had ‘made a huge and lasting positive impact on the lives of many rural communities’.

She said: “Living in or close to the local communities has enabled students to really appreciate how tough daily life can be but at the same time how resilient and strong the human spirit is in order to overcome the adversities that life throws at us. 

“Not only have they worked hard at improving the lives of villagers they have been digging and planting indigenous saplings in order to redress the huge deforestation issue that is rampant in Ecuador.

“We hope they have learnt many lessons from this and will carry them in their hearts to pull out, dust down and use whenever they may need them in the future.

 “From the deepest core of everything Camps International stand for we would sincerely like to thank Pool Academy and its student for their incredible hard work, dedication, joyous spirits and a whole bunch of great laughs and mind-blowing memories.”

Christiana Richardson