Students learn internet safety

Pool Academy created a special online quiz featuring school mascot Buzz the Bear to celebrate Safer Internet Day.

Students were urged to take part in a number of activities on February 6 aimed at raising awareness on how to stay safe whilst online.

School mascot Buzz the Bear got in on the action after he was included in a quiz which saw him going on some e-adventures. Questions in the quiz included; ‘Since his trip to space, Buzz has lots more followers. What’s a good idea for him to do?’, ‘Buzz is out with friends and they take a selfie. Before he uploads it, what should he check?’ and ‘Whilst on a website, Buzz stumbles on something that makes him nervous. What should he do?’.

Phil Jones, IT Manager at Pool Academy, said: “Being aware of internet safety is vitally important for everyone. Students use the internet for study and social reasons. They can spend a lot of time online so they need to be aware there is a good and bad side to it.

“A day like this is a fun way to get a serious message across and we are proud to be part of the global event.”

Safer Internet Day 2018 has been given the hash tag #StartsWithUs.  People across the globe took part in the event which used the slogan ‘Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you’.

Christiana Richardson