Treasure hunt at Pool Academy heralded a great success

Pupils from Pencoys Primary School visited Pool Academy to take part in a mathematical treasure hunt.

Groups of children were seen hunting the hallways for clues. They were helped by members of Year 8 students. The teams raced around hoping to be the first to solve the riddles and complete the challenge.

Hattie Butt and Bethan Monk, from Year 8, wrote about their experience helping the primary school children.

They wrote: “Pencoys Primary School came to Pool Academy for a maths treasure hunt. They were put into groups with a Pool Academy Year 8 student.

“It was a competition to see who could compete the maths challenges the quickest. There were maths question hints all around the school and each answer lead to the next clue.

“We had a really great time as did the primary students.”

The students are returning to Pool Academy again frequently for the next few months to try a range of activities, from computing to PE and Science.


Christiana Richardson