Student dancing her way to success

A Pool Academy student is dancing her way to success after recently completing a ballet exam.

Chloe, from Year 7, has been taking dance classes since she was five years old but last term she took part in her first solo exam.

Well done Chloe

Well done Chloe

She had to memorise 10 pieces to perform in front of an examiner and a pianist. She then had to wait up to six weeks to find out her her results. If successful she will be able to complete her grade four exam.

Chloe said: “I think I did quite well.

“I have done three ballet exams before and about six modern and tap dance exams but this was the first exam I have taken all by myself.”

Chloe attends the Annette School of Dance at Camborne Community Hall and has lessons three times a week.

She is now using soft blocks in her shoes to prepare to train en pointe in the future.

She said: “I have been to see the Duchy Ballet perform. I would love to dance with them one day.

“We do shows every year at the Wesley Chapel in Camborne with my dance school.”


Christiana Richardson