Students wore Guide uniforms to school on World Thinking Day

Students at Pool Academy wore their Guides uniform to school for the day to celebrate World Thinking Day.

The global event is celebrated by all Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Scouts every year to help them remember their promises to be kind, helpful and well behaved.

A group of children from Pool Academy joined in with the event. They were invited to speak with their Principal Claire Meakin and the school Governors to show how they keep their promises.

The four girls were members of the 1st Pool Brownies and Rainbows group.

Miss Meakin said: “We were very happy to support World Thinking Day and to allow the students to wear their uniform.

“We loved hearing about how they worked to keep their promises.”

Clive Bramley, Head of Governors at Pool Academy, said: “It was good to support World Thinking Day and wonderful to meet some of the students involved.

“I was impressed to hear how the members of Pool Academy strive to be kind, helpful and well behaved.”

Thinking Day is held on February 22 every year and is a for Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Scouts.

It is a celebration of the founders of Guiding and Scouting's birthday. 

Christiana Richardson