​​​​​​​Pool Academy set to lead the way when it launches as a Digital Academy

Pool Academy aims to boost students into the county’s leading industry with its spearhead Digital Academy due to launch later this year.

Tim Bareham, Head of Computer Science at the school, hopes to see children benefit from new qualifications that could help them access top jobs in the county’s leading digital industry.


The Digital Academy will focus on three areas; Computer Science, Digital Technologies and Digital Creativity.

All Year 9 students at the school will complete a new digital qualification called the Cambridge Nationals Creative iMedia qualification. They will also be encouraged to use the Duke of York Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award program.

Staff at Pool Academy also plan to link with nearby colleges and university to increase available resources.

Mr Bareham said: “The Digital Academy will help to increase the amount of digital education in schools.

“We want students to be able to tap into what is already on our doorstep by using resources available at Cornwall College, local businesses and nearby universities.”

Transforming the school into a Digital Academy could also create a space for teachers in the area to improve their own digital skills and become a place of training for local businesses.

Pool Academy Principal Claire Meakin said: “The idea of a Digital Academy is to give students the opportunity to go into the digital world with the appropriate qualifications.”

A proposal written for the Digital Academy reads: “Cornwall has a thriving and growing Digital Industry sector, which is supported by excellent communications infrastructure and innovative FE and HE Institutions.

“Pool Academy aims to establish itself as the foremost school for digital learning in the South West of England over the next five years.”