Earth-conscious students meet #loveportreath member

Earth-conscious Pool Academy students met a member of #loveportreath to generate ideas on how to improve their community.

Kaj Skjervik, from the environment group, led discussions on how to care for the nearby beach and reduce plastic waste usage.

Students were encouraged to contribute ideas which could reduce single plastic use, litter and dog mess in the area.

In response to the meeting Nick Hamblin, from Pool Academy, is now hoping to organise an event for children to watch the film A Plastic Ocean.

Mr Skjervik told students: “Portreath is the local beach for most people living in Pool, Redruth, Camborne.

“If you want to change the world you can start to change it from where you are.

 “If we all do a little then that is doing something. It is about changing people’s habits.

 “I am very excited to be part of a group which is doing what we are doing.”

One student said: “I think it is really good #loveportreath have started a group in the village to help stop litter and ask others to help out too.”

Mr Hamblin said helping #loveportreath tied in with the school’s Citizenship Awards programme.

He said: “In Year 7,8 and 9 we are pushing the idea of Citizenship. Citizens care about the community that they are in.

“As part of the Gold award students are asked to make a contribution to the wider community.”

Students taking part in the awards can work up from Bronze through to Gold by completing a number of tasks which could include representing the school in a sport, helping with assemblies, productions or Open Evening.

Students who met Kaj Skjervik from #loveportreath

Students who met Kaj Skjervik from #loveportreath