Lifelike babies donated to Pool Academy

Three lifelike babies have been donated to Pool Academy from a nearby health centre.

The dolls were used by Pool Health Centre midwives until they moved to another centre. They have now been donated to the school.

babies 1.JPG

Nikki Grenfell, Pool Academy Careers Advisor, said they could be used as a teaching tool in PSHE classes.

She said: “They are like real babies and will cry, get hungry and tired. They will also wake up in the middle of the night.

“They have computer chips inside them and you have to try and stop them from crying by feeding them or changing their nappies.

“They are programmed to make it like looking after a real baby.

 “They are beautiful babies and they have different programme settings.”

The dolls have been designed for students to take them home. The children have to wear special wrist bands so the computer chip in the babies knows they have not been given to someone else to be looked after.

There are computer keys with words on them including ‘feed’ and burp’ and students will have to work out which to use to stop the crying.

Mrs Grenfell said: “We would like to say thank you to Pool Health Centre for them.


“These could bring something new to PSHE lessons.

“They are an introduction to what having a baby is like; such as sleepless nights. They will be good fun and hopefully we will be able to make use of them.”