Staff praised for going ‘above and beyond’ their targets

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Twelve members of staff at Pool Academy were praised after going ‘above and beyond’ their annual performance targets.

Members of staff from admin to grounds-keeping were thanked for their hard work and dedication to the school.  They were invited to the start of a Governors meeting where they were surprised with tea and cake.

The 12 members were Yvonne Adams, Jef Carvelly, Sadie Sutcliffe, Karen England, Jacqui Fullman, Lorna Gribble, Nick Hamblin, Phil Jones, Debbie Martin, Kevin Murphy, Pete Wilson and Steph York.

A video recording had also been created by students and staff to say thank you.

Vicky Gribble thanked her mother Lorna saying she always put in 100 percent; “You always help others when you can.

“You are an amazing person.”

Mr Carvelly was praised by Mr Coombes who said: “If you need anything just ask him and he always does as best he can.”

Rolande, Year 9 student, said of Mrs Adams: “She is amazing because if I have any doubts or problems I can go and speak to her and she can sort it out and speak to me nicely and softly. My favourite SEN staff member to go to is Mrs Adams.”

Thomas, Year 9, said: “Mr Hamblin is an extremely kind and thoughtful person. He has given me the chance to help the community and encourage me to feel better about myself.”

One student said Mrs England was the ‘best support’ and ‘doesn’t’ shout’ while another student said Mrs Fullman was ‘lovely’, ‘caring’ and ‘one of the loveliest teachers’.

Head boy Sol thanked Mrs Yorke and Head Girl Amber thanked Mrs Sutcliffe. Mrs Martin was thanked by a student claiming she helped teachers from becoming ‘grumpy’.

Alfie, Year 11, said Mr Wilson and Mr Jones were ‘very supportive’ and was grateful to them for their help on Project Infinity which saw school mascot Buzz the Bear sent into space.

Mr Jones, IT Manager at the school, said: “It was a great surprise to see the amazing video that the students had made and fantastic to feel so appreciated. It really re-enforced what a great team we have here at Pool Academy.”

Clive Bramley, Head of Governors at Pool Academy, said: “At our last Governor meeting we had a celebration for those colleagues who went above and beyond their expected performance targets.

“It was a small way to say a special thank you for their contribution to the work that we all do for our students.

“What was particularly enjoyable was to watch the video interviews where colleagues and students gave their commendations. It was great and Governors look forward to celebrating with even more colleagues next year.

“We are also proud of the great work the students did in putting the videos together.”