Numbers at successful revision event nearly doubles for second meeting

Numbers of attendees at a successful revision event at Pool Academy nearly doubled at the second meeting.

A regular drop-in Support Meeting is being held in the school hall for Year 11s and their parents from 5pm-6pm on a Thursday evening. This is the first time an event like this has taken place at the school and it is for anyone who would like extra help with exam revision. It will be a space for people to find out information about the exam timetable, key revision tips and information.  

Nicki Carter, Pool Academy teacher, said: “The drop in sessions have been created to support Year 11 students and their parents. They offer a range of things such as aiding parents to help with revision at home.

“It is also there for us to find out what people’s feelings are, if there are any anxieties. Support can be given and there is also the offer of mentoring.

“Students have been bringing themselves to the sessions to find out how they are doing. It’s a way to find out if there are any issues or problems.

“The meetings have been so successful we have continued them for the next two weeks.”