Top new titles to hit the shelves in school library

Top new titles by David Walliams and Jacqueline Wilson will be on the school library shelves soon.

Sandra Hampton, Pool Academy Librarian, has bought scores of new books for students to read.

She has been listening to the requests from the children and has bought titles from The Wimpy Kid series, David Walliams, Michael Morpurgo and Jacqueline Wilson as well as many more.

She said: “Some of the books are so new they were only printed this year. The titles I have bought for the library seem to be really popular with the students.

“I have also got some hardbacks as well which will mean they should last longer.

“I’m working to get the books on the shelves ready to be borrowed as soon as possible

“We hope these new titles will help to entice more students into the library to borrow books and start reading more.”

Natasha, Year 7, said: “I am reading a David Walliams book and it is great. I am glad the library has some of his books now.”

Anna, Year 7, said: “I like reading Michael Morpurgo books, they are really good.”

Cerys, Year 7, said: “I like David Walliams because he is funny. I’m glad the library has got more of his books because they are so popular and it is really rare to your hands on one sometimes.”

Megan, Year 7, said: “I am glad there are some new books in the library. I will probably tell people to go and read them.”

The library recently hosted a book sale at break times at the end of last month with books for as little as £1. It was a successful event selling more than £70 worth of goods.

The next book sale will take place from November 29 until December 6 later this year.

Students holding a selection of the new titles coming soon to the library.

Students holding a selection of the new titles coming soon to the library.