Fresh ideas from students help to further improve school canteen

A group of students met Pool Academy’s new chef with fresh ideas on how to further the school canteen.

Six members from the Student Leadership Team came away feeling positive after speaking to Marc Occhilupo, the academy chef, about meal times.

The children suggested a number of ideas which were taken on board by staff.

Nikki Grenfell, Pool Academy’s Careers Advisor, was with the group when the meeting took place.

She said: “We had six of our SLT speak to Mr Occhilupo in the canteen offering suggestions on how to improve it further.

“They suggested more vegan/ vegetarian options and Mr Occhilupo said there were always options and people just needed to ask.

“He wanted students to be happy to say ‘I am a vegetarian, what have you got for me today?’ because he said he’s has always got something available.

 “He also told the group that one of the things he is planning to do is to use the boards in the main hall to put up information, such as allergies, about the food on offer.”

Mrs Grenfell said students also asked him to provide a warm, healthy meal option instead of just a cold salad option.

She added: “This is all things that the chef is looking into.

“He is also looking into getting seating outside so the students can sit there and eat.”

It is hoped the kitchen will soon have a link on students’ iPads so they can get more information there.

She said: “It was a really positive meeting and a lot of comments were taken on board.

“The students all came away really happy about how it went. They felt as if they had been listened too.”