Thank you to foreign language assistants

Staff and students are grateful to two foreign language assistants who are leaving after teaching for nearly eight months.



Maddi Morcillo and Fabian Rubin arrived at Pool Academy in autumn last year to help students with their speaking skills and learn first-hand about different cultures.

Maddi, who lives in the north of Spain, and Fabian, who lives in France, are now moving on to new goals.

Maddi said: “I have been helping the Spanish teacher with anything she needs, organising materials, creating teaching material games for the students to practice and doing speaking activities with Year 11s to help them practise.

“It has been great working at Pool Academy. I think I got along really well with the teachers in the Foreign Languages department.



“I will now be going back home to Spain. I haven’t been there for a couple of years so I will be seeing my family and friends.”

Before arriving at Pool Academy Maddi spent two years in Scotland studying a Masters in English Linguistics. She hopes to take exams in June next year so she can become a teacher in Spain.

She said: “I loved being in Cornwall and the scenery is really nice.

“I have been really happy here.”

Fabian has been helping with French classes focusing on helping students speak the language.

He said: “I have served as a cultural model and helped students become interested in the language and the country.

“I have enjoyed being here. It has been a nice experience.”

Fabian hopes to become a teacher in the future. He plans to move to the south of France to be closer to Spain and Italy as he loves languages.

He added: “I think Cornwall is a nice place and it is very rural.

“It has been very nice here at Pool Academy.”

Sophie Stephens, Head of Modern Foreign Languages at Pool Academy, said: “Having two foreign language assistants is a great asset to our Languages department at Pool Academy. Students really benefit from working one to one with them and as teachers we appreciate all their support and ideas throughout the year.”