Students given £100 to help them with their racing car project

Students building their own racing car at Pool Academy have been handed £100 to help them buy more tools.

Macsalvors Ltd gave the cash in vouchers to students to help pay for extra tools for their project to design and build a vehicle.

Work on the racing car started in March and every Friday after school the children have been working hard on it.

Jack Jones, Science teacher, is leading the project and hopes the car will be fit for racing in different events across the country.

He said: “We have been given £100 from Macsalvors Ltd which we are going to use to buy some tools and screw sets.

“The car is not fully built but every Friday after school students are working on it and they have done a lot.

“We have made some links with Cornwall College engineering department to help us out.”

The students working on the project say they are really enjoying working on the car.

Clive Bramley, Head of Governors at Pool Academy, said: “It is great to have support from a prominent local business like Macsalvors. Building relationships with local business is at the heart of what we hope to achieve for our students."

Mr Jones is working with Greenpower Education Trust as part of the kit car project.