Reading promoted by school Librarian

Pool Academy’s Librarian is working to boost a love of reading in both students and teachers.

Sandra Hampton has been hosting a book sale in the library at break times selling books for as little as £1.

library2 (2).JPG

She has also started a new reading exchange in the staff room for adults to take part in.

She said: “I have always got lots of books at home and so I have made a collection of some of them and put them in the staff room. They are there for people to read at lunch times or to take away and read on their holidays.

“People are also welcome to bring books they’ve read and put them there too.”


The school book fair, which started on April 26, has been attracting interest due to everything on the shelves being half price.

Last November Mrs Hampton held a similar book sale and managed to sell so many books that she collected just over £300.