Brigadier helps students how to make decisions with ease

A Brigadier visited Pool Academy recently to help teach students how to make their own decisions with ease.


Brigadier James Richardson brought coconuts, oranges and eggs with him when he arrived from London this week to help inspire members of Year 9.

He showed students how they were always making decisions whether they were conscious of it or not. He also explained how personal decisions could also be influenced by other people’s input.

Nicola Grenfell said: “Brigadier James Richardson was brilliant. His whole speech was about decision making and how we make decisions every day.


“He had an orange, coconut and an egg and chose three students to help him with his demonstration. He threw the different items towards the students to see how they would decide to catch them. He said they had to decide to open their hands either wider to catch the coconut, smaller for the orange and had to decide how gently they needed to catch the fragile egg.

 “He said we should be making decisions all the time as part of our daily lives and that decisions shouldn’t be guessed at but you should think for yourself before making a big one - such as decisions about future education or future jobs."


Ms Grenfell said students learnt they should research, talk to people and even experience things before they make a final decision.

She said: “It was really good and the students thought it was an interesting session and nice that Brigadier Richardson had made it interactive.”